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Royal Dutch Airlines
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    I am a barbarian who knows next to nothing about classical music. Amsterdam boasts one of the world’s greatest orchestras, but I have never seen it perform. I couldn’t tell Beethoven from Mozart or Brahms from Bartok. I didn’t even know that the Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; RCO) and Het Concertgebouw (Amsterdam’s Concert Hall)… read more »

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  • 03/07/13--06:00: Yearning for South Africa
  • “Suut Africa,” she would write on the blackboard. Then the stories would come and we would imagine climbing up Table Mountain with her for a picnic, with a spectacular view of Cape Town. Or we would go on safari, marvelling at the speed of the springbok, sniffing a “suikerbossie” (sugarbush) and meeting her friends out… read more »

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    “Will you be tasting wine or chilling by the pool when you are done working?” asks a passenger. We’re on our way to Cape Town, South Africa. “Not this time,” I reply. I feel my chest puffing up with pride and my voice dropping a few octaves as I add: “I’ll be doing some renovations for Wings of Support.” “DIY? You? I hope you come home with all ten fingers!” – that was one of the more enthusiastic responses I got when I shared my plans with family and friends. Much like the passenger, they too wanted to know what I was going to do. The answer proves to be: mixing cement to anchor a pole for a canopy at a little school. I’ve never done this before, but it certainly makes a nice change from flight safety demonstrations and serving meals.

    The post Working With Wings of Support in Cape Town appeared first on KLM Blog.

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    We all like to go a little crazy once in a while – let it all hang out, dance on tables, shake your booty. And then there are those who sell their house, take a year’s unpaid leave, and travel the world with their partner and two toddlers. Dream or nightmare? Why not take crazy globetrotting to the next level? Yes, all this craziness is actually happening to us. The madness begins on 28 June, when the four of us board that big blue bird (KLM, of course!) and set off on the first leg of our world trip. Destination: Cape Town! But who exactly are we? Well, there’s the boyfriend, aka Papa, Thaddeus (31, sports physiotherapist and manual therapist, CrossFit coach and physiotherapist instructor). Here he is: Then there’s Jools (3.5, aka Little Miss Scissorhands, Dollface and The Big Sister) and Pippa (2, aka Steffie Stunt Pilot, Wild Thing and The Little Sister): And then there’s me! The Momster, Annette. I’m 33 and I teach Dutch at the International School in Amsterdam. I’m also owner of, which is an online community run for and by (wannabe) happy moms. I’m really proud to be the first non-KLM employee to […]

    The post Globetrotting with Two Toddlers? For a Year? appeared first on KLM Blog.

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    When travelling to The Mother City for the first time, there are several things that are good to know in advance. Things you may not find in the average travel guide, giving you some idea of what to expect when you reach your destination – a place that prompts love-at-first-sight among many visitors and will hopefully win your heart as well! 1 – Where are the elephants? That was the first thing our youngest daughter Pippa asked in amazement when we disembarked from the plane in Cape Town. Although we had a good laugh about this, it isn’t really a strange question, because so many visitors to (South) Africa believe they’ll see wild animals roaming all over the place. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), this is not the case. The chance of spotting the Big Five (elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo) anywhere near Cape Town is minimal, and it’s less than zero when you’re waiting at a traffic light in the city centre. There are some game farms in the area, however, including Villiera in Stellenbosch, where you can see giraffe, zebra and various antelope. This place is ideal for (younger) children, because the game drive in an open Jeep […]

    The post 6 Things You Need To Know Before Flying To Cape Town appeared first on KLM Blog.

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    Imagine turning on the tap, but no water comes out. The dams and reservoirs are dry. You have to find water elsewhere to drink and cook, to wash yourself and your clothing, to flush your toilet. This sounds like an improbable scenario to most Dutch people, unless they’ve temporarily turned off the water for maintenance work in your house or neighbourhood. An unlimited supply of clean water is something many people take for granted. It’s an everyday commodity that we use every day. We drink, shower, fill the bath (or even a Jacuzzi), flush the toilet and water our garden. We do these things without realising we should be very grateful we have so much water at our disposal. We are unaware that this is a great luxury. Regrettably, the people of Cape Town are all too familiar with “imaginary” scenario sketched above. South Africa has had very little rain for a long time, causing dam levels to drop further and further. They are now faced with a very serious drought, which has had a major impact on the Western Cape, the province in which Cape Town is located. Recent estimates have warned that drinking water in and around Cape […]

    The post How Long Before Cape Town’s Dams Run Dry? appeared first on KLM Blog.

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    Before I moved to Cape Town, I had a great life in the Netherlands, but it was always quite predictable. I had a good job as a marketeer for one of the country’s biggest women’s magazines. I had the time of my life whenever I went on holiday. It was always great to get away, to rest and recuperate on the beach, or to go and explore new places. Taking the plunge I’d been to Cape Town on holiday and it was one of those places where I’d found the kind of lifestyle that really appealed to me. I spent days walking around on my slippers among the palm trees, enjoying the superb weather, hiking up the most incredible mountains surrounded by the magnificent landscape, surfing on the most beautiful beaches, and eating the freshest and most delicious food. Having spent seven years doing the same job, I often dreamed of living that lifestyle in such a beautiful place on a more permanent basis. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge. 10 phases, 10 reasons And so I gave up my safe, little life for a new world full of adventure. I moved to Cape Town with my partner in […]

    The post 10 Reasons To Live Abroad At least Once In Your Life appeared first on KLM Blog.

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    From the magnificent cherry blossom trees in Japan to the budding greenery of New York’s Central Park: when spring comes, the world always becomes more beautiful. In iFly KLM Magazine’s special Spring Selection, we take you on a journey to a number of fantastic spring destinations! Spring in New York City New York City is […]

    The post Three Phenomenal Spring Trips appeared first on KLM Blog.

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    I’m writing this blog while basking on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Great, I’ve got your attention 😉 I moved to Cape Town two years ago, so I totally stand behind the above title. I’m quite sure I’m not the only person who has fallen completely in love with the city. […]

    The post Why Cape Town Is One Of The Best Holiday Destinations appeared first on KLM Blog.

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    A while back I wrote a blog explaining why Cape Town is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations. If you’ve decided to go to Cape Town, I’d like to give you ten tips on how to make your trip easier, safer and more fun! The safest way to enjoy your holiday is to do […]

    The post First trip to Cape Town? 10 practical tips to make it magic appeared first on KLM Blog.